Why is WordPress is taking over?

With the ever changing web its hard to see constants and things stick around for a long time. The one thing that has continued to grow since its launch in 2003 is WordPress. With an estimated 27% of the web runnings WordPress it is the most widely used site to create websites and blogs.

WordPress is a free open-source content management system. Open-source allows the program to be manipulated and redistributed without problems. This allows users to recreate different themes and things to be used and shared across WordPress.

Two of the biggest benefits to using words to me are the support it offers to mobile devices because lets face it the amount of people using desktop computers and laptops are decreasing everyday. Lastly other biggest benefit is being able to have to your clients be able to do some of the things themselves while still receiving the benefits.

In conclusion I will be using WordPress as much as possible and I do expect the number of WordPress websites to ever be increasing!


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